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Donatella Versace Cellulite

Checkout this shocking candid photo of fashion designer Donatella Versace while on the beach in a bikini, showing off her extremely loose skin and cellulite riddled butt and thighs.

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  1. Cellulite is not only an aesthetic problem, but a metabolic disease (related to the changes experienced by substances absorbed by the body) characterized by impairment of adiposities (fat storing cells), which is swollen due to accumulation of water, fat and toxins under the skin.

    Cellulite is the condition affecting indiscriminately to all types of women (young or middle-aged, thin or overweight), so fighting it depends on each person.

    How to lose body fat and how to prevent cellulite this only requires discipline and will apply in two basic points:
    Watch your diet. To reduce the disturbance, follow a balanced diet. Avoid eating outside the established schedule and limit alcohol, caffeine, and snuff. Also, drink at least eight glasses (2 liters) of water a day.
    Do not stay seated. Exercise, even in moderation, will help keep "in line" problem. If you have time to undergo routine gym, walk 20 minutes three times a week.